Rent in Rio was born in1998. After his first visit to Rio de Janeiro in the 1980’s, Dan Babush was carried away by the music, the colors and the energy of the country. With an MBA in real estate finance from the Wharton School and a former position as Vice President of real estate finance at Citibank, and with his new passion for all things Brazilian, Dan set out to create a company that would provide the best living experience for travelers heading to Rio de Janeiro. See the link below to read all about our story.

Rent in Rio brings something unique to the table which our competitors don’t. We want you to have the kind of experience that we have had in Rio; the unforgettable moments that change your life forever. We know who the reliable landlords are and how they keep up their properties. We know the conditions of safety in all of the buildings in which we rent. We have a Rio number and when you call we will go into action to resolve any problems you may have.

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Vice President of Operations

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Web Master

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