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Brazilian Cuisine

The three most traditional dishes of Rio de Janeiro are Feijoada, Bacalhoada, and Tutu à Mineira. Rice and beans is also a dominant dish there. Many of these foods are not as common to Rio as they are to other regions of Brazil. The population is a mix of many cultures, such as Portugese, African, Italian, Spanish, German, Asian, and more. This is reflected in the food.

Feijoada is classic Brazilian cuisine
This is traditionally a slave dish but has become the national dish of brazil. It is made of beans, various pieces of pig (foot, ear, tail), ham hocks, pepperoni, pork or beef ribs, bacon, onions, olive oil, garlic, and black pepper. It is also served with rice, but this is an extremely heavy meal as it is.
This traditional Brazilian dish was once a slave food.
This was also a traditional slave food. It consists of salt cod, sliced potatoes, black olives, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, onions, and peppers. This is a much lighter and healthier dish than Feijoada.
Tutu à Mineira
This food is a classic Brazilian bean dish
This is a Bean Puree. Beans, onion, garlic, salt, pepper and parsley are placed in a food processor and mixed into a cream. It is also served with sausage, onions, and hard boiled eggs with rice and chili on the side.
Caipirinha is a common drink in Rio
This is a lime drink with sugar and a shot of Brazilian Sugarcane liqueur. It goes great with barbecue.
Açaí berries
Not only used in Brazilian dishes but also a powerful health food
These berries are considered a “Super Food.” They are harvested in the Brazilian rain forest. Their juice contains more vitamins and minerals than any other fruit and nothing else can match their antioxidant level. It is also delicious!
Prato Feito
A feast consisting of many different dishes
A true Prato Feito consists of rice, a big piece of meat, fries or potatoes and salad. Usually, it is only available in cheap and popular restaurants. This will fill you up for a low price.
A delicious Brazilian side dish
These are deep fried dough filled with chicken. They can vary in size and even be bite-sized.
Brazilian pizza is thin and more meaty than ours
Brazilian pizza is paper thin and has less cheese than American. The tomato sauce is freshly made from ripe tomatoes. Chicken, pork, and beef are the most popular toppings. So the pizza is, in general, pretty meaty.
Brazilian barbecue food is eaten as an event.
When barbecuing beef, lamb, veal, ribs, etc. in the South of Brazil, it is common to cook the meat a good distance away from the fire. This makes it take longer to cook, but pieces are cut from the outside and eaten as they get cooked. This makes the barbecue into more of a long event than a meal.
A unique part of Brazilian cuisine
Small lobsters native to brazil that are sweet and delicate. They have the most delicious tails in the world.
Casquinha de Siri
Served with grated Parmesan cheese
Crab shells stuffed with a mixture of minced crabmeat, cilantro and hot peppers, topped with grated cheese
Bobo de Camarao
A delicious Brazilian Shrimp dish
Fresh shrimp in a puree of dried shrimp, manioc meal, coconut milk and nuts, flavored with a palm oil called dende. Can be spicy.   
Although simple, Picanha is a popular food in Brazil
Was once a slave dish. A popular cut of steak sometimes served with fried sweet potatoes.
Peixe na Telha
Fish served on a tile
Grilled Fish.
Doce de Leite
A sweet Brazilian dessert
A Flavored Cake Mix. A rich, soft caramel mixture made from thickened milk and sugar. It is sometimes put in small pastry shells.
Frango Ensopado
One of the many Brazilian chicken dishes
Chicken cuts sautéed with annato(A small, spicy seed) in a sauce.
Even though seems strange, Oxtail is a popular food in Brazil and can be found in supermarkets
Boiled Oxtail. It may be breaded. It looks exotic, but it tastes great.
Bolinhos de Queijo
Brazilian Appetizer
Fried appetizers that are served as before dinner rituals. Balls of cheese (fish or vegetables) served with special sauces.
There are no licensing hours or restrictions on drinking in Brazil. Chopp (Draught Beer) is very good. Cachaça is a type of rum made by locals. Southern Brazil is known for high quality wine.
Another classic Brazilian Food. Not a specialty of Rio
Toasted manioc meal (yucca shrub) Farofa can also be customized with olives, prunes, bacon, sausage, cashew nuts, banana, etc.
Pato no tucupi
This dish comes from Brazil's Amazon Indians.
Baked duck in cassava sauce. Most popular in the Amazon provinces of Brazil
Brazilian food is influenced by many cultures. This is a varation of an Italian dish.
Polenta is similar to corn grits, but is made with ordinary cornmeal while grits are made from corn that has been processed into hominy. There are many different types of polenta, such as basic or soft polenta. There are also other versions of this in countries such as Italy.
Papaya only grows in tropical regions like Brazil. You will not find it in the US.
A fruit that grows in the tropical region of South America. Often eaten in Brazil for breakfast. Papaya has an enzyme that soothes the stomach and calms indigestion. Pitanga, cupuacu, tapereba are only some of many Brazilian fruits not found on U.S. menus.
Brazilian street vendors may split these and fill them with Vatapa (A shrimp puree)
An acarajé is deep-fried "bread" made from mashed beans from which the skins have been removed. The mash is deep fried in oil from a nut found on the dendé tree. Usually eaten accompanied by shrimp, hot pepper sauce, and salad, which is usually just diced tomatoes.
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