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Fraud in Rio de Janeiro

Be careful about scams in renting apartments in Rio de Janeiro

I would like to thank Dan Babush personally.  I got myself in a situation where I was about to be defrauded in my quest to book a property (Copacabana Penthouse) in Rio De Janiero for Carnival. I searched the internet for properties for rent in Rio during the Carnival festivities. I sent out many e-mails requesting that agents get back to me regarding their listed properties. I received many responses but one particular email sent by a fellow caught my eye. In the e-mail he had a 5600sq. ft. penthouse listed for $3500.US for 10 days. On other sites, this property was listed for $10,000.

$ 3500.US for 10days, I thought this was a smokin' deal and I went ahead and sent this fellow a $ 1000. deposit.  He then requested the rest of the sum be due 5 days after the deposit was made. In that time I got suspicious because I asked him for contact information and he never replied with any, so I went ahead and investigated. I saw that Dan Babush had the same property listed on his website, so I called him for help.  Dan didn't even have a clue who I was and he didn't need to waste any time helping me, but he did help. He put aside time right away to help a total stranger. Dan called the actual owner of the property immediately and had me on the line. They both explained to me who the real owner was and that the property had been booked by someone else prior to me giving my deposit to this other fellow, and that this was definitely a scam. Dan then advised me on what steps to take to get my deposit back. He also followed up by calling me to ensure that everything went well. I would recommend Dan Babush to anyone who is thinking of booking accommodations in Rio De Janerio. He is the type of person who will go above and beyond your expectations every time.

PS- thanks for all your help, I would have been really lost without your assistance and this trip would have turned into a disaster, really appreciated.

Steven Mann, Toronto,Ontario

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