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Guide to Rio de Janeiro Women
Rio is known for its beaches, but the quality of those beaches is influenced heavily by their world renowned women. Upon exiting one of our luxury rentals, you will immediately hit one of the most densely populated areas in the world. With 25,000 people per square kilometer, the town of Copacabana is constantly packed, with beautiful people on the streets abound, and especially on the beach where attractive girls in paper thin bikinis are as common as waves. Many people just sit on the beach all day to do nothing but stare. Beautiful women are everywhere and you’ll find dozens of massage parlors, thermas, and strip clubs as well.

Citizens of Rio call themselves Cariocas and with it comes a certain type of personality as well. Before you even step out of your apartment, you'll notice their fun-loving, youthful, party centered mindset. They love to party, and the women are incredibly friendly. You can even just give a wink to let them know you’re interested and they’ll come right over. The beaches are covered with hundreds of tanned, athletic bodies and great eye candy. Its also a very easy place to meet women. You’ll want an apartment as close to there as possible. (This site offers many beach friendly locations) Thermas are another option. Here you can get a massage or use the steam room. There are sometimes well over 100 girls working or dancing to music. These places also have private rooms for when you meet the girl of your dreams. Strip clubs are great too as unlike those in other places in the world, women in Rio will leave with you too.

There are hotels that charge by the hour, and don't ask any questions when you check-in without any luggage. Locals refer to them generally as motels, and everybody knows where to find them. If you need any excuses, just say that your apartment complex does not allow unregistered guests (Which may be true. When renting here we will let you know). This site offers both secure apartments and those that will give you freedom to bring whatever guests you’d like. However, taking a stranger you have just met back to your room is the easiest way of getting into trouble while in Rio. Also beware of sexual activity with a girl under 18. This is a crime and besides putting you at risk to go to jail, it will ruin your reputation with other women.

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

If you're in your 20's or 30's and interested in seeing all Rio has to offer, it is highly recommended that you pick up Rio For Partiers. All the information you need on Rio's hottest clubs, parties, women, and more!

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