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In our Rio Safety Tips Page you read about why it is important to avoid taking guests to your apartment in Rio until you have gotten to know them pretty well.  This won't cramp your style, however, because there are little hotels all over Rio which are set up for this purpose.  If you take your guest to these, he or she will have no reason to expect that they will get anything other than what is in your pocket, and this tremendously reduces the scheming factor.  Generally they cost around $10, are clean and pretty efficient, with pretty nice bathrooms. a couple of fresh towels, and new sheets.  There is an upscale one called VIPS just past Ipanema Beach on the Avenida Niemeyer.  I've provided the link below so that you can go to the site and imagine the possibilities.  Here is the list.  I highly recommend that you go to these to get to know someone you've met before bringing them home.

Copacabana - These are basic - about $10 for two hours - $25 for all night.

COPA LINDA -  Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copabana near Rua Bolivar

DIPLOMATA - Avenida Princessa Isabel at Barata Ribeiro - Near the Meridien Hotel

LIDO - Corner of Rua Vivieros de Castro and Rual Ronald de Carvalho

Centro -

There are a bunch of places on Rua Gomes Freire.  One is called Comes Freire


The upscale one's link is below

$25-$150  - really pretty extraordinary - includes lunch or dinner, eight hours.  Many of the rooms have swimming pools and terraces overlooking the ocean.  You've got to see this site.


So, now why risk your possessions and those of your buddies with someone you don't know in your home.  Think about it.


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