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Terms, Conditions and Rules

Sometimes, we have specific rules regarding visitors and noise which are outlined in a contract. In other cases, where we send out a confirmation and owners have their own rules, we do not send out specific rules. We have specific terms as well as to how we deal with customer dissatisfaction.   The following are the terms minimum rules that guests are expected to abide by. 


Si no Puede hablar ingles, favor de llamar para un traduccion. Se voce nao pudesse falar ingles, por favor, lique nosso escritorio.

The Apartment which you are renting is not necessarily owned by nor its parent, Global Action Outfitters, Inc. THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS AND NO REFUNDS PERMITTED. Though we will, if contacted during your stay, try our best to help out with problems you may have, we have no way of helping if not contacted. In any event, as customer satisfaction varies according with the weather, the apartment, the nature of the visiting group, the nature of the landlord, and various possibilities beyond our control, we do not guarantee customer satisfaction. As a travel agency, we are facilitating a transaction between you and the landlord in a specific area of Brazil, and any injuries or other legal issues which may come up must be handled by that landlord and you in Brazilian courts, usually in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Global Action Outfitters, its owners and employees shall have no liability in connection with this transaction. By payment of your first deposit confirming these rules and terms, you have accepted every one of them.

Your apartment is located in a residential building. There are likely to be children and elderly people in some of the other apartments and most of the residents will have to rise quite early in order to work. It may seem from the streets of Rio that it is an "Anything Goes" town.  Actually, it is not.  Brazilians have a strong sense of propriety and do not want to see their buildings overridden with noise, prostitutes and dangerous visitors.  For this reason please follow the following rules:


1. IT'S the LAW!!!  Music should be turned down at 10PM.  If music disturbs another tenant after that hour, you can count on getting a call from the doorman.  Unless there is something more exotic than loud music going on you will know that the music is what he is speaking about.  Please turn down music at 10PM.  After a warning or two or three you might be asked to leave.


2. Prostitutes.  As I have mentioned in other pages ( prostitutes are very dangerous in Rio and you are better off taking them to the tons of little hotels, which are all over the place, and rent for a two hour period for 10-15 dollars.  While you might be willing to take the risk yourself, you would be exposing the other residents of the building to a great deal of danger if you were indiscriminate about the visitors you have to the building.  For this reason, in some circumstances prostitutes may be barred from entry, and if the doorman receives complaints of prostitutes and noise in conjunction, the landlord will probably advise you that it will not fly in that building.  After that, you could, under particularly bad circumstances, be expelled from the building.  Don't blame the landlord....the condo association wouldn't want to see a child being thrown from the 22nd floor of the building if a prostitute managed to talk her way into the apartment next door.   A Swiss gentleman suffered that fate (thrown out of a window) in August 2004.


3. Drugs - DON'T - Unless you want a free lengthy tour of the Brazilian prison system.

4. The landlords represented by Rent in Rio and Global Action Outfitters Inc., as well as Rent in Rio and GAO themselves, are not responsible for disturbances from any construction that may be occurring either inside or outside the building. In a hustling, bustling city the size of Rio de Janeiro, there is oftend construction of new buildings or renovations and we do not know of them in advance.

5. Minors.  Minors who are not your children or have not been included in the lease are not permitted in the apartment without their parents present or without express written permission of the managing agent.  Juvenile sexual tourism is not tolerated in Brazil and they will lock you up and throw away the key if you participate in this and it is discovered.


In the event of an expulsion from the building there will be no refund of rent, security deposit, whether in cash or credit card payment.


We are not different from anyone else in Rio.  These terms and rules exist.  It's just that we tell you about them in advance.  The other guys just throw you out if you make too much trouble.



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